Version 2.773 and pydpiper or update to newer version, good or bad?

I have version 2.773 on a RPI3+ and it works fine for what I need it to do.
I also use Pydpier version 1.5.2 for use with my 20x4 LCD screen music info etc. All that works fine too.
My question though is this, I have been hesitant to update to any newer versions, as it all works fine. But will I lose the ability to use pydpiper the way I want?
will it need to be reinstalled?
Will it stop?
what is my advantage to update, if any?
Are there any for the level of music play back I use now?
I am happy to use it the way it is now, it is great I just dont have the skills to start mucking around again.
Thanks if there is anyone who can give me any idea of what to expect or tips happy to hear from people.