Version 2.118(X86) missing Chinese font?

I am a music lovers from China

After updating Volumio(X86) on March 7, it was found that after selecting “Simplified Chinese” in “Appearance”, all the men on the display were displayed as boxes, as shown below:

Does this need to fix it?

Please login to the console or ssh to your device using the account volumio (with password volumio), then try:

echo volumio | sudo -S apt-get update apt-cache search chinese | grep -v cjk | awk '/AR PL SungtiL GB/{print $1}' | sudo -S xargs apt-get install -y
then restart your device…

Hi Kenny, could you please open an issue or do a PR in the build repo for X86?

Hi Michel,
I don’t know how to open an issue or PR to the repo, sorry…
Actually I don’t have the x86 version on hand either, so I don’t have the chance to verify the commands. The advice I gave above is based on my experience with the Pi version.

Thank you kenny, I solved this issue following your advice. I basically installed:
fonts-arphic-ukai fonts-arphic-gbsn00lp

However I still can’t find the korean font, is someone able to help?