Ver 2.824 What has happened with Playback mode and Queue handling?

Hello there ‘Volumio’
Like others, I think Volumio is great.
I’ve found the same issue on the latest version though
i.e. even though you’ve set to single mode, adding a single track to the queue adds the whole album.

Here’s a menu option I would very much like:
whereby the selected track plays next - then the queue continues.
(the selected track goes the top - and not the bottom of the queue)

Thanks for everything.

Hi @volumio


When updating to ver 2.824 I found out that Single mode playback don’t work
When reading comment for the update “Fix closing of single playback mode”
I assumed and read that as “we have fixed the closing of Single playback mode”
When checking my other players with ver 2.812 and 2.813 found that the single mode didn’t work on them

Then my heart stopped , I lost my breath and a panic attack started :smile:

Are you removing Single playback mode or is this just a bug?

@volumio not sure I can add or clarify more than what I’ve already said. I am using v2.779. There is a setting in General playback options > Playback Mode: Continuous | Single. I set this to Single. I always keep 3 webradios in the queue. If adding a track or album is going to always clear the queue then I loose those webradios. Why not just retain to setting to satisfy both sides of the debate? Sorry if I have misunderstood the discussion. I don’t want to risk doing an update only to find the current behavior is no longer possible.

Ok, so your issue is that the element on the queue are cleared.
Would it be a good solution if single mode would not clear the queue?

Hi @volumio

I do have several issues with ver 2.824 , But I think we take them one by one :slight_smile:

The first and mainly issue is that the Single mode playback don’t work as before ver 2.812 -> 2.824 (not sure about exact version in this case)

When set to Single mode and you click on a single track, the Queue is cleared and the hole Album is added to Queue
Before this it did’t cleared the Queue and it only added one track to the Queue

It’s also a issue that sometimes the Album is added twice and sometimes adds all Albums for an Artist , but these issues are secondary at the moment

I also have a question , what exactly do you mean by the update comment “Fix closing of single playback mode” ?

Bless You :slight_smile:

Ok, then I think the best solution here is to set up the 2 modes as follow:

Clicking on an item will do:

  • Single mode: add the single item to the queue
  • Continuous mode: replace the queue with the full album \ artist .

Would that work?

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Hi there
I’ve only just thought about it now. Delete the queue and adding the full directory to the queue by clicking to a song is a wrong behavior to me.
i like choose every song separate - and this should be most easy - not by going into the options.

It’s fine when i have this old behavior back by enabling the single mode.

many uses for my opinion, for example:
i play music at an event and will provide the playlist later on.
a mistake in using would clear/distroy my queue.

Thanks and good day :wink:

Glad to see we are finding a good way to balance both preferences :wink: Going to restore single mode as it was and prepare a build :wink:

New beta build is out with the above fixes implemented :wink:

Thanks for the great insights there!
If you spot any other inconsistency (which might be there, since this is quite a big mod) please report it in the most clear possible way


Hi @volumio

Many many thanks for Your efforts
And can also say , I do not envy you!
Must be like walking around in a snake pit, one wrong step and you get a bite :slight_smile:

Hate to disturb when you take your well deserved Friday rum and cigar.
But the Single mode works the same way in 2.832 as in 2.824

Refresh your browser to make sure you have the latest ui.
If it does not work please list the exact steps you make and report the behaviour you get.

Okay !
Now it’s working :smiley:
Will test more during the weekend

It works for me, thanks, but it sounds like the existing behavior of 2.779? I know as a retired software developer that mature software gets to the point where it can be better leave an existing program & start from scratch rather than upsetting users entrenched in their old ways :wink:

I am using v 2.806 and I really like that when I press play on qobuz Playlist the current queue is replaced with qobuz Playlist and start sing ing.
I hope that this behavior will remains also in the future at least as an option.
În previous versions all the time I had a big queque and this was a little bit frustrating.

Hi @volumio and others

Been testing single mode on ver 2.832 last evening and it seems to work as before.
Picking Singel tracks, Albums and Artist from Library, Artists, Albums, Spotify and they are added correct to the Queue.

Edit3: Webradio: The Play button clears the Queue , Click on Radio Name (right of the play button) the channel adds to the Queue
I don’t know if this comes with ver 2.833, tested back and forth in ver 2.832 and it worked there.

The only bug thing I can find is when you click the play button on an Album in Artists then it clears the Queue before adding the Album.
Edit2: The same in the album list from Library

I have also reported that Album sometimes was added twice (or more) to the Queue , it still do , but that happens if I have the same Album on different medias (on the Nas and on a Usb stick and/or Internal)
Happens from both Artists/Albums and Albums
Don’t know if that is a bug or a feature :slight_smile:

Edit 1: Have not seen this before but it actually lists the album twice in the Album list

Hi @volumio

I don’t know if I totally lost it today or if someone messed up bad again :slight_smile:

Tested ver 2.832 Sunday evening and almost everything works correctly in Single mode except the above statement about Artist/Album and the Play button (and the album list from Library)

Edit1: The Play button in all listings of Albums, clear the Queue and then Adds the Album

Updated to ver 2.833 and now the Play button in Webradio and in Playlists clears the Queue , Click on the Radio Name (right of the play button) adds the channel correctly to the Queue

Thanks so much for reporting this! I just fixed it and a new beta will be out soon.
Thanks a lot for your reports!

Hi @volumio


Ver: 2.834
Did tests from Webradio, Library, Artist, Artist/Album , Album, Search and Spotify and I can’t trigger any misbehaving in Single mode

The only thing I can find is that the Play button and Add to queue doesn’t work in Playlists
Edit1: Sorry! Add to Queue Works

Did find some issues in Spotify , but I don’t think it has something with Single mode to do.
Maybe I open a new thread for that

Hi @volumio and others

Would also be fun to know if someone else can provoke this to happen

Spotify Issues, Ver 2.834, Single mode, Spotify ver: 2.0.2

I can play from my own Library , Albums , Single tracks, Web radio, back and forth, Clear and play , Add to Queue and everything works as expected

But when I play Spotify something happens
I’m not sure how enter “This state”
(What I define as a Track below can be an Album , Playlist or a Single track from what ever in Spotify )

But I start with a Cleared queue , Pick a track , Pick yet a track … , sooner or later the picked track won’t play , pick the same track again or a other track it play , pick other track and it won’t play … … …

  • plays every other track!

When you are in “This state” and pick one track in the queue , it plays , click Next track , the next track won’t play, click Next track again, it plays next track … … …

  • plays every other track!

Note: if you let the queue play, it plays correctly

Is there any way for me to disable the “clear and play” selection? On several occasions, I have spent a bit of time putting together a queue of songs (not saved as a playlist) and accidentally clicked “clear and play” instead of “add to queue”. This is easy to do on small screens like a mobile device. Is there a way for a user to modify the menu via a config file? Thanks,