V3 Startup error and error message

Dear Forum Members!
I operated two devices in the same configuration.
-Rasberry Pi 4
-HifiBerry Digi2 Pro
-Touch screen
Until the V3 was installed, both setups worked flawlessly. After installation in all cases
“Error Failed to open” alsa “(alsa) Failed to open ALSA device” volumio “: No such device”
These devices either do not boot or appear to be running but no output signal is displayed. The error is resolved by two three-time restarts or reinstallations.
If I select the “Shutdown-Stop” option in the Volumio menu, both devices must be reinstalled !!!
The touch direction of the touch screens has changed and after the third installation the detection has stopped
There is a lot of money and time in it I would be sorry if it ended like this … For me, the new version did not bring any positive improvements to the sound quality. I don’t think it was a thoughtful and well-prepared and communicated update. I’m sorry I was seduced.
How can I get back to the old working system ???

Thanks in advance for the help … please note my low English language skills and old age
Merry Christmas for everyone!


Sorry to hear thing goes not a expected.
Please follow these instructions:

  • Flash the SD with either win32DiskImager or Raspberry Pi Imager
  • Look at the manufacturer of your touch screen and see if there are instructions for your screen. (like with waveshare there are certain settings needed)
  • When flashing is complete, start the rPi and go drink a cup of coffee
  • Start your installation of Volumio (look during the startup how the screen rotation is 0, 90, 180, 270)
  • Reboot your rPi upon completion and check if the audio is working. If so continue, if not report back.

If audio is working, continue

  • If your manufacturer gave instructions for your screen on a pie, copy these to the /boot/userconfig.txt
  • Reboot your rPi and check if the rotation and touch is ok, if not modify the settings in /boot/userconfig.txt and reboot, untill the orientation is OK, if not report back.

If screen rotation and touch are OK:

  • Install the touch plugin, don’t alter any settings and reboot.

If all is OK now you can alter settings.

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Thank you very much for your reply!
-I used Raspberry Imager! I rewrote both systems with today’s update. The error message on the first start-up is the same on both devices! Sd card error excluded because the cards are not yet one year old / SanDisk 64gb v30 ultra /.
-Test done / Raspberry 3 B / Allo Bos dac six / configuration: no error message !!!
The touch screen problem is not even important now. I tested the displays with another application. The touch screen function is completely eliminated for both 3 “and 5” monitors: ((((