V3 Design Manifest display errors in plugins


with V3 and Manifest I have display errors with Mixcloud, SoundCloud and Bandcamp Discover in the app on my cell phone and on my tablet. With Modern, everything is displayed correctly. What can I do? Other than that, I really like the Manifest interface!

Thanks for helping me
Peter (Volumio 3 on Raspberry Pi 4B / 2 GB)


@pedder3 if you enable plugins test mode via volumioipadress/dev you will then see beta versions of these plugins that have a fix for this.
Please note, you need to uninstall the old versions first AND reboot before installing the beta versions.

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Thanks for your help. I’ll test it over the weekend…


Hello, the plugin installation now looks like this.

But after uninstalling the plugins, rebooting and reinstalling the plugins it still looks the same… Another idea?

Thanks Peter

Or did I do something wrong when activating the beta mode?

I just opened this page on my phone. Then nothing…

Do i have to do anything else?


Hello Peter,
I missed the last step, sorry. Instead of clicking on ‘Install’ as usual, click on ‘Details’ and select the latest beta version. In this photo you see the one for Soundcloud - select v0.1.4 beta. But first you will need again to uninstall the earlier versions and reboot, before you install the new, beta version.

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:slight_smile: Thank you, it works!!!

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