V3.245 (RPi) generally buggy

I’m having several problems with v3.245 on Rpi such as:
• the menu disappearing
• internet connectivity (not LAN) being lost
• music stops and nothing will play until I reboot
• start-up tone delayed and can play while music has already started to play

The only plug-in I am using is FusionDSP but when I disabled that I still suffered from these issues.

If it help, here is my log file: http://logs.volumio.org/volumio/lCR331f.html

To add a little more info about the music stopping bug, I found that if I do something to force the ‘player restarted’ message, I can continue to play music. Reboot is not necessary.

It would be nice to have a “Player Restart” button until they iron out these bugs.
I have a similar problem that appears randomly, but only when I skip a track in the playlist/queue. The DAC loses the input but Volumio continues to “play” (not) the next track. If I pause or try any other button it will usually become unresponsive. The solution has been to restart the player via toggling the I2S DAC button in the Payback Options menu or reboot.