v2285 - Can not add album if I first choose "go to Artist"


following situation to reproduce the problem: I listen to a song and choose the menu “…” / “go to Artist”. Than I choose an album and choose “add to queue”. --> The Album will not be added to the queue!

If I add the same Album via search or via browser this works as expected.

Anyone else faces this issue…

Hello to the Volumioists,

I experience the same problem within Volumio 2.296 and before.
Going to the an Album via Playback > … > Go to Album is not possible. It shows only an empty listing. Clicking on “Go to Artist” leads to list with Albums and Tracks. But adding Albums to the Queue is not possible. “Clear and play” leads to an empty Queue list.
Adding Tracks from “Go to Artist” listing is possible.


Does this bother no one else? Or are there only two of us facing this bug?

Looking into this, thanks for reporting

with 2.323 this issue is solved! Thanks for the quick fix! I appreciate the constant development at volumio.