V2,673 Remote Control stop work

I updated to V 2.673. The remote control stopped working.
Any ideas?

Have you lost your ir sensor pin setting in the boot config file?

Happened to me too. Updating to V2.673 overwrote my custom /boot/config.txt so my IR remote control stopped working.

I see the new config.txt file has the following line in it:

include userconfig.txt

Therefore I have created /boot/userconfig.txt and added my gpio overlay configuration line there and my remote is working again. I presume this include will remain in future config.txt updates and therefore that the recommended way going forward to customise config.txt entries like gpio-ir without future updates removing them will be to put them in /boot/userconfig.txt, so I would try doing that.

Yes, this was added exactly for this reason :wink:

@michelangelo Thanks for realizing this feature. On occasion the docs may be updated accordingly (PR https://github.com/volumio/docs/pull/71 has already been merged). :wink:

It doesn’t work for me … I created the boot/userconfig.txt with my GPio configuration line, just as it worked before:

#### pin17 remote #dtoverlay=lirc-rpi, gpio_in_pin=17 dtoverlay=gpio-go, gpio_pin=17
What am I doing wrong?

If I leave everything as it was until before updating and delete the include userconfig.txt line from config.txt, it should work. It does not work, is there any other modification?

The above can’t have possibly worked before. It is supposed to be gpio-ir not gpio-go…

Also are you sure it was pin 17 ? In most tutorials, IR receivers are connected on pin 18 and pin 17 is used for an IR blaster. For example here is my /boot/userconfig.txt:


Also, you write that you created boot/userconfig.txt - this is not the same as /boot/userconfig.txt and will end up in a directory called boot in your current directory - so probably under your home directory rather than in /boot.

Double check that you are in fact doing all this correctly and not hand typing things and making mistakes…

You’re right, I copied the code line badly, the correct one is:

####pin17 remoto #dtoverlay=lirc-rpi,gpio_in_pin=17 dtoverlay=gpio-ir,gpio_pin=17

I always used pin 17 without problems.
I also copied the userconfig.txt path badly, I have it in the same directory as the config.txt: /boot/userconfig.txt
I confirm that it does not work, the Remote Control emits a signal, it worked correctly until the update.
If I have time then I go back to the previous version and see what happens.

(The Google translator was to blame: gpio-ir = gpio-go)

I reinstalled everything corresponding to the RC, and it worked correctly. Surely some error in some line.
I consider the proposed solution as good.
Thank you very much and sorry for the loss of time caused.