v2.671 Volumio blocked after trying to play radio stream

Subject has limited amount of characters so do not complain about my unclear subject.

I have a feeling Volumio is worse with every update. Yesterday’s update made me creating an account here to report a bug. It also made me looking for alternative. Unfortunately. I am so angry on Volumio that I stopped recommending it to the colleagues.

My usual scenario:
Raspberry Pi 3 with Allo Boss. LAN connection to fast and reliable internet 100Mbit/s.
I have my favorite radio stream link available under the hamburger icon. When I start playing I leave it playing sometimes even for 2 weeks. When I leave my flat I only switch off my amplifier and Volumio plays for itself “in the back-end”. When I come back home I switch on the amplifier and I hear my radio immediately. After using Volumio already for some years I got used to the fact that sometimes Volumio stops plying my radio stream. WWW server works usually still fine, I just cannot start any new stream, cannot forward Spotify to my Volumio, cannot start any internet radio from the Note tab -> Web Radio. By today this was “acceptable”.

After yesterday’s upgrade it is enough to try to start any radio from the Note icon -> Web radio which does not play and from that moment I cannot start any new stream even if I am sure it works 100% ok. Then only full restart plays.

My test case:

  1. I restart Volumio.
  2. Intro melody tells me that Volumio is restarted correctly.
  3. I start known and reliable web radio stream - it plays OK.
  4. I start some bunch of random web radio links from top 500 radios trying to find a one which will not start to play - quite easy, e.g. “PR3 Trójka”. It does not play at all.
  5. I try to start the same known and reliable stream from point 3 above - it does not play.
  6. No other stream can be started any more. Volumio streaming is dead. Only restart helps but only until next time I try to play some stream which does not work at a moment and the story is repeated. Restart is required again.

Dear Team, please do something with it. Current version is terrible.