V2.5.6.5 gapless playing not working (openhome emulation)

Hi all,
I use Volumio as a pure Upnp renderer, controlled from UpnP (Android)

I have BubbleUpnp server installed on my NAS, emulating an OpenHome renderer. This way I can stream Qobuz to Volumio through my NAS (and not my phone)

Up to now (using V 2.5.6) everything was working flawlessly as expected

Upon updating to V2.5.6.5, playback was not working: songs skipping to the next after 1 second for files stored on my NAS (MinimServer), and playlist not advancing to the next song fort Qobuz streams.

Unchecking “gapless playback” on the OpenHome settings in BubleUpnp server settings page solves the problem, but obviously losing the gapless playback.

Since gapless playback was working flawlessly in 2.5.6, I guess a bug has been introduced in newer versions.

Yes, there’s definitly something wrong with the UPNP implementation of

see: https://forum.volumio.org/broken-dlna-renderer-t12056.html

But nobody seems to care about…

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