V 2.773 Track selection

Mine works fine on a laptop but not on a tablet as per previous vv versions.
I can click on the 3 dots but nothing happens, on the tablet, fine on laptop

Can we have some information on this version?

This is a dev version… So not intended to be used for ‘stable’ operation…

Hi There

I’m really glad to hear this. When will it be coming out please?



By how long, I mean for this feature to be implemented?

thanks again!


I have found that on android tablet version 4.4.2 it works fine with queue selection, on android 6.0 it only has no ability to click on 3 dots and add to queue. On windows 10 laptop all good.

Is this really fixed ?

I’ve got 2 raspberry pi’s with Volumio. Running 2.806. Using the classic GUI. Music is mounted via CIFS.

I can only play (and queue) a single file if I click on the menu-icon (right upper corner of the square for the song), and then select “Play”. Or “Clear and play”.

When I click on the “play”-button (button in left-lower corner, with the triangle in a circle), all songs in the album are queued, and this song is played first. And when the song is finished, the remaining songs in the album are played. Just like others are complaining here. Same thing happens when I click in the upper left corner (so not on one of the 3 icons on the square).

I have changed the “settings -> playback options -> General Playback Options -> Playback Mode” from “Contineous” to “Single”. That doesn’t do anything. I’ve changed it a few times. I’ve rebooted after changes. Nothing helps. I can only play a single song by using the menu-icon. So to me, it seems this issue has not been fixed ?! Maybe there is a regression ? Maybe it doesn’t work with the classic GUI ? Is there anything I can do to help debug this ? (Look at config files, e.g.).

Small complaint: I’m very happy with my Volumio player. And I’m thankful that it’s free. I almost don’t dare to have any criticism. But I do.

I can not understand why the team has made this change ? This is core-functionality. “How to play a song with Volumio”. You can’t make it more basic than that. If you want to add functionality, that’s fine of course. But make the new behaviour optional. Make it configurable. Dont’ change the default. People are used to certain behaviour. Especially when it’s such simple and easy to understand behaviour: “I click on an album, it plays the album. I click on a song, it plays the song”. Now it’s “I click on an album, it plays the album. I click on a song, it also plays the album”. Very counter-intuitive, imho.

And on top of that, the new option to select the old-fashioned, straight-forward, easy-to-understand option doesn’t seem to work.

I’ve seen a lot of software change the default behaviour of their GUI. Or move stuff around. When most users were completely happy with the old GUI or old functionality. Why always change stuff that’s good ? Adding stuff is better than changing the defaults. If you do this often enough, you’ll start driving users away.

One last issue: after I check the Playback Mode, and click “save”, my volumio-player can not access the files over CIFS anymore. Happens on both my players. I need to reboot the system for Volumio to “see” the folders/files/albums/songs again. I suspect something goes wrong with the config-file ? This bug is just a small incovenience, no problem. Just wanted to report it.