UX optimization for RPI 7" touchscreen?


Is there a supported way to modify the UX layout in Volumio 2?

I’ve tried the default layout and the “contemporary optimizations plugin” but they both seem to waste a bunch of space on the screen and result in small text that is unreadable from across the room.

I’ve hacked up the CSS and JS locally to produce what I think is a much more usable display layout. However, having to manually re-apply the same changes after every system update is tedious to say the least. So I was wondering if there’s a better way to make these modifications more permanent. I can create my own scripts but if there’s a supported way to do it that would obviously be ideal.

FWIW, here is my layout; it moves the track information to the top of the screen in a larger font so it’s readable from my seating position and tweaks a couple other layout elements:

I’m using this one:
Fantastic plugin