Using USB-DAC with volumio on Pi compared to on PC

Hi all,
I’m using usb-dac Borizsonic nxC03, purchased from China, connected to my music server built with volumio on Pi and on PC. Both are set at “dsd direct” in DSD Playback mode. The LCD of dac displays “PCM 384 kHz” when playing with Pi, and displays “DSD 5.64Mhz” when playing with PC. Could you explain me why please? And how to make the dac not to convert dsd to PCM when I use Pi? Thanks everyone!

Pls set the dsd over dop, reboot and Check again. I have understood that this is because the DAC does not support direct dsd or some config are missing from rpi kernel I have same situation with a topping e30 dac.

Dear Lintbf!
I’ve tried setting over DoP, the result is the same. Thanks for your help!

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I think my DAC support dsd dirrect, because It works well with volumio installed on my laptop. I used to play dsd file with foobar2000 on Window, using asio_plug v.v… the LCD screen of the DAC shows “DSD 5.6Mhz”. Thanks again.

@Lintbf : Hey, after doing complex things about updating and grading kernel, my problem is resolved. Thanks for your information about the so-called kernel about which I haven’t known at all before.

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It would be useful to know exactly what you have done, for people reading in the future.

Hi chsims1,
I’m a novice in using volumio, DAC, Raspberry Pi etc … I 've just refered to website

for their instructions about updating kernel. I don’t know anything about Linux, kernel. I used the Putty to login my volumio device and typed some command lines in the terminal window. These command lines are shown in the above website link. However, I got an error as following

… errors were encountered while processing: /var/cache/apt/archives/firmware-ralink_1%3a0.43+rpi6_all.deb e: sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)

So I refered to the page: volumio2でapt-get upgradeに失敗する - so2akt’s technical diary

and imitated the author by typing the command lines as follows:

sudo dpkg -r firmware-ralink
sudo apt remove firmware-linux-nonfree
sudo apt update
sudo apt full-upgrade

Then, I rebooted my device and played a dsd file, did not turn my audio amplifer system on, and found that the DAC screen showed “DSD 5.64Mhz”. I was satisfied with the result and went to bed because it was too late, did not checking anymore. What a dispoinment, when rechecked my audio system, the sound was badly distorted, too noise. I don’t know why :frowning:

Well first off you have done a ‘sudo apt full-upgrade’. This is likely to break all sorts of things on your system.