Using two USB-Sticks - FAQ doesn't work for me

Hello Together,

My System: a Raspberry-Pi 2, fresh Volumio-image (of today), two SanDisk-USB-Sticks, a wired Ethernet.

I use two USB-Sticks with music-files, one 256 GB and one 128 GB, both formatted with FAT-32.

I found the solution in the FAQs and followed the instructions.

I edited the usbmount.config to add that USB2-mount-point, I Created the link in /mnt.

I Carefully checked the …config-file ans the new USB2-link, which lookes exeactly like the “USB” one.

It didn’t work. Using the “df”-command, I see the same values on sda1 and sdb1, and looking at the music files through the web interface I see only music on one USB-Stick.

What did I do wrong ?

Greets, Frank

edit: typos