Using Openmediavault to store playlists

This a renewal of a previous problem I have with using volumio.
Periodically, the SD card will crash for some unknown reason. Could be power or whatever.
I am going to replace the cards with Sony’s as they have been suggested by the Linux community as being more reliable.

Be that as it may, I would like to store my playlists on an the openmediavault (omv) server I built with a UDOO Quad that serves up my music database.

Since I am a Linux novice (though not a noobie to computers) I have not been able to effectively figure out how to get the playlists to store on the server.

I have changed the volumio /etc/mpd.conf to point to the omv server and the omv server is mounted by the volumio library mount process.
I believe its probably a matter of permissions and the correct method of mounting the omv volume but I have not hit upon the correct combo.

As my omv server is included in my automated backup process, If successful I should be able to safeguard my playlists and also share them among multiple volumio devices.

Your help would be most appreciated.