Using Myvolumio (Superstar) to manage multiple devices across different networks


I’m attempting to utilise myvolumio (Superstar subscription - which allows for managing up to 6 devices) to manage multiple devices on the same OR different networks. I happen to be using it to manage multiple PIs (6 in fact) - all with screens (audiophonics rasptouch devices) all running on different networks.

All the devices are visible on myvolumio - so all good there. My issue is around weirdness with things I’ve set up on one Volumio instance / device (ie: unique radio stations / playlists) Are appearing on other devices. - I don’t want this happening at all. Initially, I thought this must be due to me cloning an image and changing its Volumio name and some residual elements remaining in the OS. So to confirm this I etched an entirely new Volumio image, configured it with the new unique bits and pieces I wanted for that specific device / zone (ie: different “my web radio station” + playlists (each device has a seperate USB stick of music that I don’t want showing up on the other devices)

When I go into the newly added Volumio device, it shows playlists and specific web radios I set up for some previously added / configured devices. Why?? Is this something to do with Multiroom? How can I stop this happening? Is this a bug with myvolumio?

Again, all these devices are on different networks. Why are they sharing information across multiple Pi Volumio instances on different networks? OR is it that they only appear to be within the myvolumio browser interface and on the devices themselves they are only showing the uniquely configured content on each device??

Please help!


Ps- Keep up the amazing work Volumio! - great software :smile:

It’s not a bug, but a feature… Your items are stored on the cloud and synced on all your devices… There is no way at the moment to disable this…

I love this feature! I had to reinstall Volumio because of a new and faster micro SD card on a RPi3B, and to my surprise all my favourite web-radio’s where back, automatically synced😄

Only thing I do not understand, I did not have to log into my account, even on a fresh install with BalenaEtcher to the brand new micro SD card, Volumio somehow recognized that is was my account. Magic…or, you guys are also keeping track of the RPi motherboard or IP address or something?

Simply, your login information is stored both on Volumio instances and on your browser.
So when you reinstalled, your browser remembered your account and made the Volumio instance login again :wink:

Okay, got it. Thanks for the response!