Using MusicBrainz tags

Hey guys,

In case you don’t know MusicBrainz: It’s a massive database that identifies every song by its own ID. They have a program called Picard which checks your library and adds MusicBrainz tags to your songs, like Artist, Album, Track etc. Great if you have for example a JP release of an album instead of an EU release. Or to avoid confusion by album names like “Greatest Hits”. But it also adds multiple artist IDs if several artist are on the song, it has the cover to the exact release that you’re listening to and so on.
It’s explained way better on their site ->

I think it can be useful for Volumio2 in several ways:

  • Volumio could automatically grab artist images
  • “Feat.” artists can be handled better (searching for “Snoop Dogg” doesn’t only show songs from his albums, but also songs from albums where he did a feature part)
  • “Greatest hits” can be easily be differentiated
  • Users could even search for composers
  • Coverart thats not embedded or in the folder can be grabbed from MusicBrainz

Not sure if it would really need a library rewrite, maybe this can be done through a Plugin that just handles the search differently. Even though it gives the user the option to get loads of infos to his songs, like lyrics, discogs, Wikipedia and so on… check this out for example -> … fb866fcf37