Using HIFI DiGi+ Module with Official Touchscreen

I have set up a Raspberry PI 3 as my music player in my stereo system which is controlled by the official 7" touchscreen. I want to add a HIFI DiGi+ Module to get S/PDIF output. However I cannot attach the module as the display has 4 jumper wires that are connected to the appropriate GPIOs. Is there a way for me to attach the HIFI DiGi+ Module and then connect the 4 jumper wires (GND, 5V, SCL and SDA)?

Many thanks


To answer my own question, you can send power to the screen and then use the USB port on the screen to power the raspberry pi, leaving the GPIO pins free to plug in the HAT. Somewhat bizarrely I get the low power indicator on the screen this way round, even though I don’t when power is sent straight to the pi…