Use Volumio playlist with mpc


I have been searching for a while but I can’t find the answer to that simple question : How to load/play with mpc a playlist saved with Volumio ?
The command “mpc lsplaylists” gives me no result while I have 3 saved playlists appearing on Volumio Web UI.

Any idea ?

I run Volumio (2 I think) on a raspberry pi 3.

By the way, on my installation, http commands do not work (volumio.local/commands/?cmd=play%200 for example), are those commands supposed to work on volumio 2 ?

Thanks for your help !

I have the same question, exactly the same. Have you made any progress?

Hi, those commands will not work anymore in Volumio2. You can see how to list playlist and see the API here:

If someone is willing to write a plugin for REST API, that will be more than welcome…

So is there a possibility to load a saved volumio2 playlist via ssh / mpc / or lirc?

Thanks a lot!