Use Volumio hotspot instead of wlan

Got my rpi3 today, got it started with volumio and a USB harddrive. I did not havet a ethernet cable long enough to connect to my WLAN router. And when I use this setup in the cabin there will not be a WLAN or internet at all.

I managed to find volumio hotspot as an alternative WLAN on my phone and when connected i could contrtol volumio through the web interface. Nice!

But when i tried to connect through the volumio app on the same phone there was no success.

Question: can i make the volumio app work directly to the volumio hotspot?

Thanks for any help on this…

Volumio app no longer works on v2, it was never made by the volumio developers so is yet to be updated.

Try using the Add to Homescreen feature in your mobile browser, it will open the UI fullscreen like a native app.