Use only wifi and disconnect network cable

I’m using volumio 3 on a raspberry 4. I want to use just wifi instead of the network cable. In the option i added selected my wifi network and added the pass. But if i turn of the cable I lose connection.
Is it possible to use Volumio just with the wifi?
Thank you!

That should work yes, never really dug into the details, but it’s possible the IP address changes when en- or disabling adapters.

Another option is to just install without the cable, connect to the hotspot. Then configure and reconnect on the newly assigned IP address(on your WiFi)

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@cesarmendesLX Yes it is possible. You will lose connection when you remove your ethernet cable as your Volumio system on wifi will use a different IP address.

This one way you could do it:
Whilst still connected via cable, go to the network section and assign a fixed IP address in the wireless section. After disconnecting the cable, go to the address you’ve given it.

Another option is to keep the network settings as they are and find your volumio system using a network app like Wifiman.

Thirdly, follow the Volumio setup guide and set things up via the volumio hotspot.

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Thank you all! Still figuring out what volumio hotspot is and how to set it up.

It’s explained in better words than I could come up with in the quick start guide Quick Start Guide - Volumio Documentation