Use hotspot only/permanently


I couldn’t find the answer to my question, so maybe it is not yet possible and therefor I thought I post it here.

In case of no network/internet connectivity of any kind, I would like Volumio to keep its hotspot running and use my devices to connect to this hotspot so I can control Volumio this way either through the webUI or any dedicated app.

Volumio can this way be used as the music renderer for locally stored music using:

  • I2S, using a HAT board
  • USB
  • or maybe even connected to a Bluetooth speakers using a Bluetooth connection

Such a setup can be very useful for:

  • In car (which I am looking for)
  • On a campsite
  • Any remote location without connectivity

One sort of obvious direction that does not work, is connecting Volumio to a hotspot from a mobile device like a phone because than the device providing the hotspot functionality can not be used anymore to control Volumio at the same time. You would need at least two devices next to Volumio in such a scenario.

What do you think? Useful feature or is it already possible but I just did not know/find it :slight_smile:

Go to:
Settings->Network->Hotspot Settings

Then set:
Hotspot Fallback to ON

When Hotspot Fallback is set to “ON”, Volumio will first search for the it’s configured wireless network if it does not find it (When you are on the beach or driving in your car) then it will fall back to creating it’s own hotspot.

Then scan for the wireless hotspot network through your phone or computer and then connect to it when it appears. Usually 5-10 minutes after reboot on a Pi Zero W:

The following is re-posted from the Volumio website:


  • If your device has wireless capabilities (and a supported Wireless card) Volumio will create a Wireless network called Volumio, the default password is volumio2
  • The Hotspot mode will allow you to connect to your Wireless network without the need for a wired connection, just connect to Volumio Hotspot and configure your network in the Network options page
  • Once your Wireless network has been configured, Volumio will automatically disable the Hotspot
  • If, for whatever reason, your configured Wireless network is not available, Volumio will automatically re-enable the Hotspot
  • You can change the Hotspot options in the Network options, such as its name, password and channel (useful if you experience poor Hotspot performance)
  • Once in Hotspot Mode, Volumio can be reached with IP or via volumio.local as usual

One note, this will allow you to use your web browser to search Volumio for attached USB music and play it BUT you won’t be able to use it as an end point for Spotify which is the feature that I would like. I am posting that feature request next.

Except hotspot fallback does not work, it’s long documented and requests for a fix have so far gone unheeded.

Hello Patrick,

i tested Volumio on Android hotspot. To find the IP i connected a laptop also to the HS from mobile.
then scanned the ip range and found the Volumio ip.
Then i made a permanent link to this ip on the mobile mainscreen.
i think volumio is getting always the same ip with the same phone due to rules for hotspot in android.
there is almost no chance to change settings in android hs mode, its kind a hardcoded in android software.

for using spotify in my car without always activating HS Mode i think of using a small router with LTE.
for a fast connection to the router i want to use ethernet instead of wlan.
Mobile Phone is connecting fast with wlan and can control the volumio unit. DHCP long lease for volumio is advised.

Volumio and phone are sharing the same LTE connection in the same lan. spotify should work without additional apps like @home.
Dont forget to find a solution to clean shutdown your raps.
There is a Argon One Case around which has good cooling and a shutdown button. Maybe you need a 40Pin extention to connect your hifi hat.
i use a tinytoslink from tindie, from an austrian. i tested it, works perfect with information from his customers comment section.

Only downside is volume control with optical. you have none. But i found a workaround:
If spotify account AND spotify connect is activated i was able to control volume on my car DSP with the buttons from my mobile phone.
i think tis is due to the spotify connect function.

i have to test a few more things:
Boot time with rasp 4
shutdown function reliable enough (waiting for USB Boot)
LTE connection when i drive