use case: church bells

My use case:

  1. Church bells are scheduled to run at specific times of the day. At a given time, a song is played, then stops automatically. Unlike an alarm clock, which plays any stream or song until a manual shut-off.

  2. The schedule should be cloud based, for access to privileged users, to change schedule conveniently without accessing the volumio host directly. For example, Google Calendar API is suitable.

  3. media files reside solely on the volumio host because there is limited networking and server capacity in our bell tower.

  4. Ad hoc bells, for example, after a wedding or funeral should be supported. There are IoT control platforms to provide could based activation. This is a future work. Volumio should not restrict this future.

Currently, I have a beaglebone black using cron and mpd. I use the audio channel on the hdmi port, and convert to mono-rca. The bells are actually an amp and a speaker on the bell tower.

I’m not sure where to start to evaluate volumio. These cases would require some program on the volumio host, perhaps evaluation of volumio’s plugin infrastructure is needed, but a standalone program would also be suitable and is my current intent.

  1. Can I install my custom software on volmio host, for example Java VM (I’m more a java programmer), and maybe docker?
  2. Are there existing plugins to satisfy the above use case?
  3. How much room does the base volumio software consume…to know if there is some room for adding custom software, and for the media files.

Thanks for any direction.