usb_set_interface failed (-32) with DAC / USB

congratulations for this software.
I used this software Ver. 1.1beta with my old DAC and it works perfectly. I bought a new DAC and from this time, I have problems (okay never change a running system).
One song plays with no errors, when I change the song, folloing message appears when the Raspberry is connected with HDMI with my TV:
usb_set_interface failed (-32)
I can´t hear anything.
When I click on another song, the message appears again and I can´t hear anything.
I must reboot the software, then it works normally for one song. In the time of reboot following message appears in addicion with others:
[FAIL] in red letters
Shutting down ALSA…warning: alsact1 store failed with error message ´alsacti:
get control: 259: Cannot read control ´2,0,0,PCM Capture Source , 0´Invalid argument ´…failed

My hardware:
Raspberry PI Model 2, 512MB, LAN Connection with NAS

DAC with Chip: Finished DAC-05 WM8741+WM8805+TE7022, connected with USB.
May be it is only a little problem…

Try to set mixer off… Let me know

Hello, the mixer type was disabled, OFF is not posible I think you mean it. It takes no effect, now after several starts the message appears 5 or 6 times at the same time when I click on the next song it appears only one time. No sound.