USB remote for Volumio player

Just received my Air mouse, which works flawless with Volumio (V3.324). With this I am able to access/control everything that’s displayed on my LCD. On top it also comes with an IR learning function and keyboard to search.
Only one annoyance, the home button opens the browser, but that’s about it.

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I have a ir remote laying around and started looking in on Lirc and how to program it to the volumio3. I keep bring up site of lirc for programing a ir remote, but now that look harder at the Lirc, they all different looking. Some say this, other say other.
What are the right Lirc for programing a ir remote to the volumio3

What about using the dedicated plugin?

Well, with this JustBoom remote that i have, After messing around with the gpio on the Pi 4 and on the gpio configuration on Volumio, i finally got it going. i even notice vol going up and down. on the player, but here’s the thing, all the buttons on the remote won’t work.

I’ve got the older IR Justboom remote (the sold-out one on their website, the non-smart one), plus their DAC pHAT on my Pi Zero internet radio, and both work just fine with Volumio (v2 and v3) using the standard IR remote plugin.

You have to do a little soldering to add the IR receiver to the board, but it’s not difficult to do.