USB remote for Volumio player

I got the Volumio player going on the SmartPi Touch 2 and now looking to get a remote control on it. So, do anyone know of a usb remote that works on the Volumio player. do this here usb remote work JustBoom IR Remote

Morning Leigh_telles,
do you have the hat that support it?

btw nice upgrade from your old setup

What type of hat do i need to look for. i have a
HiFiBerry DAC+ Pro for audio and a RemotePi Board for Pi 4 RemotePi Board for Pi 4 (External IR and LED) – MSL Digital Solutions so, what will a hat do and where to search at.

HiFi Berry got there own remote

not ir

but what i don’t know if volumio supports it
( it’s just a 2.4 ghz wifi remote works like a mouse )

MSL is a ir board with power off

  • Raspberry Pi 4b 4GB
  • 7 inch Rasperry Touch Display
  • RemotePi Board for Pi 4 (External IR and LED) with GPIO 17 mod
  • Volumio with RemotePi plugin

Do u know if there any WIRELESS REMOTE CONTROL that work with Volumio player

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i personaly didn’t test it but if i read the review of MSL it should work… review got 10/10 and was of jan 2021

I prefer this remote control:

It is working with triggerhappy that already comes with v2.x


I’m using that remote on a Pi zero using the JustBoom DAC hat and it works fine with Volumio.

Normally I control them via Home Assistant, but that remote is by back-up solution and the one used prior to setting up HA.

Any remote will work with Volumio if you use a Flirc usb ir receiver. You can program any key you like if you add it to the existing Triggerhappy config in Volumio.

I got this rf remote working with volumio last week.

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Do you know of any instructions / guide online for this “Triggerhappy” configuration? I have been looking for this, perhaps not asking in the correct way, for several years and getting precisely nowhere.

All I want to do is use an old Apple TV Remote (the metal one that came with laptops / Apple TVs several years ago) with a Flirc USB dongle.


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As far as i know the Flirc USB dongle translates the different IR commands into keyboard commands that can be used with triggerhappy

ssh into your Pi and start the following command to see what Flirc is putting out and then modify your audio.conf to fit your needs.


The first step consists of pairing the flirc with the apple remote keys on a pc using the flirc tool you downloaded from the flirc support section.
When satisfied plug the flirc back in the pi and run:

sudo /etc/init.d/triggerhappy status -l

This will show you the corresponding triggerhappy key code when you press a key on the remote.

This will allow you to add the corresponding entry to the
triggerhappy config file.

You can find some details here: Keyboard shortcuts with triggerhappy

Ignore the stuff about installing triggerhappy, it is already installed.
There also a few keycodes already preconfigured by Volumio in the triggerhappy config.

Triggerhappy source: GitHub - wertarbyte/triggerhappy: A lightweight hotkey daemon

I have a HiFiBerry DAC+ Pro. I few days ago after searching online, i found a Justboom ir remote I haven’t yet set it up yet.
I had the idea of first undate the Volumio player then install the JustBoom plug and then restart the player and hopefully it will take and work.