USB HDD recognized but library is not

Hi there,

I am using a CuBox-i4Pro, a USB HDD formatted NTFS, and a USB DAC.

I’ve got everything running apparently as it should (web radio plays properly, for instance), save for one problem: When I click on “Update MPD Database”, a small box flashes “MPD Update database - Update Started…”. This stays for a few seconds, fades, and then, well, then nothing. The HDD does not seem to be scanned or anything and browsing “USB” in “Library” yields a blank page.

The HDD seems to be properly recognized otherwise; it cycles when the CuBox is turned on and off, and it even turns off when I click “System poweroff”, or off then on with “System reboot” in “Settings”.

I have around 1.4 TB of music presently on the HDD, if that makes any difference.

I have reflashed the microSD. Same results.

Any help would be hugely appreciated.

Hi all,

So one thing not covered in the “Get Started” guide is how to properly name the folder in which one’s music files are stored on a HDD. There does not seem to be any means to change settings for this in the web GUI for a direct USB mounted HDD, only for NAS mounted drives. Perhaps, however, this is the source of my problem?

What should I name the root folder on the HDD so that Volumio, still with its default settings for CuBox-i, will find my music files when the drive is plugged directly into a USB port?

I have a USB HDD that I have devoted exclusively to holding audio files which I load onto it from a Windows machine. Does the name of the drive itself (the one I gave it when I formatted it) have any bearing? Note, again, that I used a windows machine to both format (NTFS) and populate the drive.

I am a complete newbie to all things Linux. Am I even barking up the right tree here? Thanks to anyone who might help.