Usb hdd not appear in music library

Volumio Information

Volumio Version:2.853
Hardware: rpi4
DAC:topping e30

Kindly please help me with the next item :
I have connected an USB 3.0 to usb pot 3.0 to rpi4. The USB hdd appear in df - h /dev/sda1 and mounted in /media /my passport but does not appear in music library.
HDD is formatted as ntfs

Thanks in advance

Format your USB drive as FAT32

It is a hdd used on windows OS. For future I will keep this in mind.

FAT32 is a Windows file system.

Reformated HDD in FAT32 and reloaded my music : no success.

Is the USB drive visible in Volumio?

  • settings, sources
  • music library, usb
    Have you allowed time for scanning and cataloging to complete?

HD USB disk (2 TO) is visible.
Scanning stops after a while. Done many times, and waited 24 hours.
I have deleted all files except .flac and .jpg : no change.
Formatted in FAT32 : no change.
Any other ideas ?


Check for invalid media types or corrupted files. It sounds as though the library scan is not completing.

Thank you.
Already done within Foobar.
I will try again to check invalid or corrupted files.
Any other softwares to do that ?