Usb hdd not appear in music library

Volumio Information

Volumio Version:2.853
Hardware: rpi4
DAC:topping e30

Kindly please help me with the next item :
I have connected an USB 3.0 to usb pot 3.0 to rpi4. The USB hdd appear in df - h /dev/sda1 and mounted in /media /my passport but does not appear in music library.
HDD is formatted as ntfs

Thanks in advance

Format your USB drive as FAT32

It is a hdd used on windows OS. For future I will keep this in mind.

FAT32 is a Windows file system.

Reformated HDD in FAT32 and reloaded my music : no success.

Is the USB drive visible in Volumio?

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  • music library, usb
    Have you allowed time for scanning and cataloging to complete?

HD USB disk (2 TO) is visible.
Scanning stops after a while. Done many times, and waited 24 hours.
I have deleted all files except .flac and .jpg : no change.
Formatted in FAT32 : no change.
Any other ideas ?


Check for invalid media types or corrupted files. It sounds as though the library scan is not completing.

Thank you.
Already done within Foobar.
I will try again to check invalid or corrupted files.
Any other softwares to do that ?

I connected a 2 TB UDB disk and 300 GB USB Disk to Volumio. however, only a very small part of them perceived by Volumio.

I am having the same issue. Volumio is only looking at 1/2 of my file library. It had no issue looking at my NTFS HD on a USB cradle system. What is the max files Volumio looks at?

Mpd (used by Volumio for the database & playback) does not have a limit on number of files as far as I am aware. However, there are a number of posts on these forums about such issues. These can be caused by files that mpd is “unhappy” with & the scan finishes prematurely. Also, there seems to be a problem with very large storage (>2.2 TB) without appropriate formatting. I have also read elsewhere that the size of the sd card (Volumio OS) can affect successful scanning by mpd … size of database is often cited, but I think this unlikely when we are talking about GB of storage space.

If i were experiencing such problems, my approach would be to try & introduce my file collection by a section at a time … this would throw up bad files & also probe space constrictions. Please report back and let us hear how you get on.

Well, I realized my Volumio is still indexing my HD, so we shall see. Reading on other forums it can take several hours to a day to index it all.

I am using a 256 GB SSD as my boot drive with an AMD A10-9500 quad core and 16 GB RAM - I realize that a 32 bit OS, 8 GB is max but the MB I am using needs to have memory in pairs and I only have 2 8GB DDR3’s on hand…

My 550GB library takes no where near that time to index. It could mean it has found stuff that it doesn’t “like” (for whatever reason). Can you monitor the system logs and see if it’s throwing up errors of any kind?

Edit: so x86 … forget what I said about sd card size.

I don’t see any ay errors.

It finished. It took 4 hours but it is done. This is on an 8 TB drive with 5 TB of music on it. It is also NTFS formatted too. My USB drive… A USB 3.0 cradle that you can plug in SATA 3.5" drives to.

The problem of Volumio can read very little of the parts on the usb disk continues. The only thing I can do is to reduce the size of the disk. but it didn’t work. I returned to Daphile again. Could you please write how you solve the problem please?

I don’t think reducing the size is the issue but I do think a reformat without any of he backup software that is usually on USB drives is a start.

I think reformat USB Hdd is the last work To do. NTFS or FAT32?
System is HP T620 thin client with 8 GB memory.
Thank you.

I have no idea which one. The reason I used NTFS is it is more efficient with space and the larger the HD, when using FAT32, the more space is wasted.