USB hard drive spin down

Help! Please!
I’ve just added a new Seagate portable drive to my RPi3 volumio 3 setup and I note that it isn’t spinning down when not playing, at all ever.
Can’t remember that being a problem before. After searching around for hours no one has posted the problem lately. So, is it just my new drive being a bit dumb and waiting for a spin down command that never comes?
Or is volumio 3 just not very HDD friendly? I’d rather not just leave it spinning until it dies!
Do I have to get clever with the likes of HDPARM or whatever its called?

I have now attempted to install hdparm as per the instructions on htpc guides as per another thread here. Failed miserably at the install with unrecoverable errors according to the prompt.
Now that my rotary switch, buttons, squeezebox and leds no longer work after all my plugins disappeared and I have to power down the Rpi every night, Volumio is pretty unusable to me regardless of the multiroom (which I had on my squeezebox years ago)