USB drives not working on Cubox-i4-Pro under 1.2beta

I cannot get my Cubox-i4-Pro running the Cubox-i 1.2beta to recognize a USB drive. I’ve used both a cheap little Verbatim USB 1.0 thumbdrive, and a nice SanDisk Extreme USB 3.0 device. Neither work.

I’ve tried each of them in both of the Cubox-i’s two USB ports, with no luck. My DAC works in either port. So the ports are working. I’ve formated the USB drives as both NTFS and FAT32. Again, no luck.

After reboots Volumio never shows USB as an option on the “Browse” bottom tab. But after clicking “Update MPD Database” in the Library webpage, USB appears as a library in the “Browse” tab. Then again, “RAMPLAY” appears then too. However, after that click USB shows up in the Browse tab regarless of whether a USB drive is - or is not - plugged in. And once “USB” does appear as a library option, clicking it leads to a blank screen. It never displays the device, nor the content in it, to browse/select for playing.

On each drive I’ve followed the same storage format that Volumio quickly recognizes for the music on my NAS device: a three folder (directory) nest, in the order of ArtistName -> AlbumName -> Track#-TrackTitle. So Volumio should be able to recognize the content in the format I’m providing. And to ensure that the data on the USB drive is data that Volumio can recognize, I’ve copied folders from my NAS (that Volumio recognizes) to the USB drive. No luck. And just in case the software is ignoring that data because they are duplicates, I’ve also put unique artists (not on the NAS) on the thumb drive. Again no luck.

Hope this helps.

Many thanks to tracer5 for posting a wondrful workaround for this problem here - See post number 15 (or close to that). Thanks tracer5! :wink:

Granted, there is still a bug. This workaround should not be required. But it works in the short term.

First, connect USB drive before turning cubox on.
Then, go to library -> update database.

Let me know!

I’m sorry Michelangelo, I should have mentioned that…

In every single case, my USB drive was fully plugged into the Cubox-i before I plugged the Cubox-i power supply in. I NEVER plugged a USB drive into the box while it was powered on. So every time, the Cubox-i booted up with the USB drive already plugged in. And after it did boot, I did as you suggested… going to “library”, and clicking on “Update MPD Database”. Doesn’t work. Or at lease it does not result in Volumio allowing you to browse the USB drive. It shows USB as if it is empty.

Or rather that’s how it behaved before I applied tracer5’s fix, as referenced in my previous post.