Usb drive powered

I guess I’ll need a powered usb hub to connect my raspberry pi to my usb drive?

Once it’s connected how do I get volumio to look into a specific folder for my music?

i hope that it works ( the hub ), use fat …you can scan your files settings >> sources >> scan…

Oh, my files are on an ntfs drive.
Do I need to move them to another format?

But should not be OK to add also ntf support on volumio…it is much easier to organize the music library with windows the Linux from my pov. For example I have a 2tb hdd witu music formatted as ntfs…

@Lintbf what has organizing a library to do with a disk format? my question is do you have files,
bigger than 4gb on that disk or only music…and fat is readable by both …ntfs is more windows…
but you could always add it if you want under linux ntfs is only not standaard on linux based machines …

Yes, you are wright, I was think ing at something else. My bad.

no problem we always can learn from each other

:slight_smile: I want to buy an new hdd only for music to use with volumio. On my current hdd I have music movies etc etc. What kind of hdd will be OK for music only : sdd or mechanical one?

if u use it in for music on a pc and not volumio i would say ssd because it will increase your speed,
on volumio it will not be a big advantage so for volumio mechanical but it always depends of what you
wanna do with it and on what system your using it and the limits of that system.
and mechanical drives have a longer life , ssd mostly a few years (3) if you use it a lot.
but if you could run the volumio on a ssd instead of a sd this would increase the speed overal…
but the way that volumio has build it you can’t do that… and a 32bit system to a 64bit system will increase
the speed but this is not usable for volumio with the full potential that it has… like a rpi4 4 gig or 8 gig
if you use raspian 64bit on a ssd you wil get mutch higher speeds