USB/DAC Question

I have a Pi4 set up and working great playing files off an external USB. I was toying around with trying to hook it up via USB to my CD player (Yamaha CD-S300) to utilize its DAC. I have a feeling the issue is on the CD player’s end, because it reads “No USB” when I plug it in, but I wasn’t sure what I should choose on the Volumio settings screen as far as DAC Model and Output Device went.

A few places I’ve looked say Volumio usually recognizes when it’s hooked up to a DAC on it’s own, but wasn’t sure how that would read in those sections.

Looking at the spec for the Yamaha CD-S300, you cannot do this. The USB port is only for playing back audio format files from a drive or USB memory stick.


OK, I figured it was something like that. Thank you very much for confirming!