USB DAC Audio Breeze DAC PD-001 and FIIO Q1

Volumio Version: 3.378
Hardware: Sony VAIO FZ31B (Very old system)
DAC: Audio Breeze DAC PD-001 and FIIO Q1

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Start system with Audio Breeze DAC and volume is very low
  2. Unplug first DAC and plug in FIIO DAC on the same USB port (if plugged in on different USB port, wont be able to playback songs, play button wont respond) then the volume would be loud
  3. Plug Audio Breeze DAC again (same USB port) and volume would be loud as well but upon restart volume will be very low again

*** Adding to this issue is, whenever I change something on the settings, play button would stop responding for like 3 minutes and media folder won’t display anything, no icons, no nothing. But I guess that’s for a different topic.

My FIIO DAC is used when I travel, since its a mobile AMP/DAC and the Audio Breeze is the one for my home setup. I’ve used these DACs on other systems and never had any issues, but Volumio is just beautiful and has almost everything I wanted for a media server/streamer and sounds really awesome compared to other software media streamers. I hope this gets fixed. :slight_smile:

btw, FIIO DAC has a volume control while Audio Breeze one does not.

I use a budget DAC like yours in my cellar when listening to webradio. Using an x86 installation, never had an issue with it.
Keep volume control as “hardware” and you should be fine. No idea were else this volume change would come from.

Nice! Thanks @gkkpch

I will try a fresh install, and I mean fresh. Like everything formatted.

btw, checked my settings and mixer type is set to hardware and everything else is set to default.

Did a fresh install . . . Volumio drive and the USB stick I used all reformatted.

Same thing . … but I found a fix! I have to unplug and re-plug the USB cable from the DAC and magically volume would normalize.

Not really sure what’s happening . . . easy fix, so I’m sticking with Volumio!

Thanks again @gkkpch!

Hi @gkkpch!

Just a quick question?

How long does your system boot Volumio up?