USB Audio with Parasound Halo 160 Integrated


I just setup my Volumio the other day and it works well with the 3.5mm output. I am trying to play DSD audio files through my Parasound Halo 160 Integrated amplifier, but I’m having some issues. When I go to playback devices I can see the USB device and I can select it. The problem comes when I try to save. The dropdown automatically turns back to onboard Audio output via 3.5mm.

A gif of the issue can be accessed here: … o.gif?dl=0

I searched through some articles and forums and see that this is an issue of the driver. Parasound provides a Windows driver and it works automatically with Macs, but I was wondering if there was a work around. I am using a Raspberry Pi 2. I just ordered a Pi 3 online and will test when that arrives as I saw another post where a user had issues with a USB DAC until he tried with a Pi 3.

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you.

I resolved this issue by upgrading to a Pi3. It just worked.

Glad to hear that!