usb audio output randomly disappears

I have the latest volumio installed on a RaspberryPi. My DAC is an Emotiva XDA-2.
Sometimes upon bootup there is no sound coming through the USB DAC. A random small number of reboots (1-3) solves the problem. Sometimes it just plays well, sometimes it needs a reboot.
I tried to restart a bunch of daemons and etc, none of which seemed to work. I had the same issue with raspify too, so I guess it has to do with how the pi communicates with the DAC.

Any ideas where to look when the issue happens? What should I restart to “mimic” a reboot, without the reboot itself?

Anybody any ideas? :frowning:

Did you try it without your DAC, maybe its damaged?

Thanks for the reply!
I did try it with a different DAC (FiiO E10), the same thing happens with that too time to time. The DAC is working well if connected to computers (through USB or toslink) and other appliances. Based on this I really think it is either the Pi or the software which is the culprit here.

Which subsystem is responsible for recognizing usb devices and / or directing the sound to usb? I am OK with a couple daemon restarts just don’t wanna reboot the Pi every time I try to play music.

Okay so it seems I have to conclude that nobody has ever had an issue when the sound is not coming through the DAC upon bootup, and nobody has any idea what subsystem / daemon to restart to get the system recognize the connected usb DAC. The only solution is

while not music
reboot volumio

this seems really not user friendly to me.

Your issue seems similar to mine I have posted a msg with some hope for a fix