Usage of Docker images from Docker

Hi There,
I found the docker images on
Docker Library from @ashthespy.
Unfortunately, very limited hints to run. With

sudo docker run ashthespy/volumio:armv7_buster
On my Raspi 3, I get the download, but nothing happens afterwards… Running Raspian and Docker on latest versions.

Background - I want to use the Raspi also for Pi-hole, and with the current intense development on Volumio I would prefer not to re-image the entire machine and start from scratch. A docker would nicely support this while leaving the remainder of the machine alone.

Best timmo

I know it is very tempting to use a single device for multiple purposes, and docker may well help in this respect, but both Volumio and Pi-hole are designed to be an OS in their own right. @ashthespy 's image is under development as far as I am aware, and I think that you might well save yourself a lot of trouble by putting Pi-hole on a cheap RPi0-W, for example. By all means persevere, and let us know how you get on :wink:

Thx - RPi- Wmight be an avenue… would be pi no6 in my household… but the ordeal to manage both systems competing on critical resources might be just to time intense…
Best Timmo

@tsturm Those images are more for dev/image building work than actually running Volumio. I should label it better I guess!

I do recall seeing someone working on containerised Volumio using a stripped down version of Volumio for Docker, and another using LXD, will add links when I find them :slight_smile:

Thx… figured this as well. As mentioned ordered now a tiny pi for the pi- hole app. 20 bucks vs hours of hacking and testing… at the end „easy“ won over „elegant“ :wink:
Best Timmo