Upsampling - Yes or No

Volumio offers a up sampling feature and allows you to control the degree of it. I just turned it on and have sampled some local files and some Qobuz files and it appears to be working on both. I say that as although the songs or 44/16 my SMSL DAC is showing 192/24.

Folks, do you use it, if so what degree and have you noticed SQ improvements?

it’s impossible to get improvements with upsampling only, best case scenario you will be on par

There will Absolut be no improvement. With your example it will even be worse.
You added non existing bits in your audio. as 192 is not a duplicate of 44.1
If you up sample it needs to be a “by 2” to avoid introducing non existing bits, like:
44,1 - 88,2 - 176,4 - 352,8.
But still it will be the same audio signal. Just like giving a kid candy. you can break a candy bar in 2, still it’s 1 candy bar.

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