Upsampling does not work?


I´am using Volumio with a Meridian Explorer (USB) on the RPi. The Meridian Explorer can show with the help of three LEDs which sampling rate the music has.

I have setup Volumio to make an upsampling up to 192kHz (Fastes Sync Interpolar) of my music which goes via AirPlay to the RPi. The Meridian Explorer shows me, that the upsampling does not work, I only see one LED, which indicates 44.1 kHz.

Has anyone an idea to that behavior?

I have a Meridian Explorer 2 and the only way i can get 3 lights is if i have the files on my NAS or USB drive plugged into the Pi 2

I downloaded a test file from Linn … files.aspx to check

Only thing i’ve changed in settings is Best Sinc Interpolator

Just tried and can’t get iTunes to give me 3 lights via AirPlay but if i stream the same file via Play To within windows i get 3 lights

I have “only” a Mac, so I can´t tell you what windows do. I only know that iTunes is really a bad choice for quality audio playback.

Can anyone tell something more to the Upsampling problem?

Why would you want to upsample? What do you think to gain?
I understand that there could be situations that you have to feed a DAC a very specific sampling frequency, but besides that, why?

I upsample because of the following reasoning:

“I will use software volume level control. If my signal has more bits and is upsampled with a decent algorithm, the volume control will have a better data to work with and the final product will be better when I listen at low levels.”

It may be superstition or false reasoning but this is what I believe currently.