UPNP volume control using BubbleUPNP

Hi all,

It seems that when using the Volumio as UPNP renderer and the BubbleUPNP as controller, I cannot adjust the volume of the Volumio player. When I switch to my other UPNP renderer, the volume control works just fine. When Volumio is the renderer, it shows that the volume is muted in the BubbleUPNP but the player plays just fine.
Does anybody have the same issue, and how can I “unmute” and enable volume control over UPNP ?
I run the latest Volumio at a RaspberryPi3
Thank you.

I have the same issue. I’ve set my volume control to “software” and BubbleUPNP can’t control the volume. When I had volume control set to “hardware” Bubble was able to control the volume just fine. My best guess is that the Volumio web interface and the scripts within it used to control volume (when volume control is set to "software) are somehow disabling the volume control in Bubble. I’m currently digging into the settings on upmpdcli but have not been able to resolve it just yet.

After some more digging into the upmpdcli settings it turns out it doesn’t seem to be related. I was, however, able to get the BubbleUPNP volume slider working using the following for “audio output” in the /etc/mpd.conf:

audio_output { type "alsa" name "alsa" device "softvolume" dop "yes" mixer_device "hw:1" mixer_control "SoftMaster" mixer_type "hardware" }

Volumio sets the “mixer_device” to “SoftMaster” originally. When I had it set to SoftMaster my volume slider in BubbleUPNP started at 50 and moved but had no effect. Changing it to “hw:1” worked to give volume control to BubbleUPNP with the only hiccup being that the SoftMaster device in alsamixer has to be moved to something other than 0. Once SoftMaster in alsamixer is off of 0 the slider in BubbleUPNP works to control the SoftMaster and they move together. Just need a way now to store the SoftMaster settings on shutdown. I’ve tried

sudo alsactl store

but it isn’t working.

Ok - all is working now. I used the Volumio UI to set a startup volume. This now sets the SoftMaster to something other than zero and then when BubbleUPNP is opened I can adjust the volume.