UPnP issue and Qobuz filtering

I have v3 on my RPi’s and one issue I see is that when I run Audirvana on my Mac and use UPnP to Volumio on the Pi, I don’t get the feedback on the time and it just seems slow in general. I tried both versions of Audirvana too. Under the old Volumio it would play and keep track.

I’m considering using just Volumio but I don’t feel like the Qobuz interface is as good. There doesn’t seem to be a filter that you can apply for the 14 genres that they use. I usually checked them individually for new releases based on my mood. Rock, Jazz, Classical, Blues, Folk, even if most of the others I ignored. There also isn’t a “Play Next” option, it is either play now or add to the bottom of the queue. I’m not particularly happy with the new AV Studio interface either, the old Audirvana seemed to be better with it.

UPnP is definately broken in v3. I have this issue with all three devices running Volumio 3, and have tried sending audio from Audirvana and Foobar. All have the same result, no feedback on time so it just stops after about 10 seconds.

I’m about ready to downgrade back to v2. While I like the multiroom sync feature I’m finding the Qobuz interface less than ideal since it doesn’t implement all the features and features that I use, and then I can’t use Qobuz on Audirvana via UPnP if I want. I’ll give the trial a little longer since it is only 15 days anyway.

Another thing I just noticed on Qobuz is that when playing a playlist it doesn’t point to the track that is playing, you can see the name of what is playing but not where you are in the list. And playlists are not filtered by either genre or category (hi-res, New Releases, Focus, Listening with…) , it is just one long list.