UPNP indexing service


in the latest release notes of 1.4 you mention UPNP indexing service which will index all the tunes served by DLNA Servers.

How can this feature be used, I mean are the songs from my Plex DLNA server indexed just like songs from the local share? Can I use my MPD control app just like before, there would be no difference between DLNA and local from the client point of view?


Go to system and enable it, you’ll be browsing upnp shares like normal files. Altough first indexing takes ages…

Let me know how it goes…

@michelangelo: I’m using 1.4 and tried the UPNP\DLNA Indexing service but it does not work at all. The library contains all my songs when accessing them through the web interface, but the UPNP Library does not return anything (except empty folders for artists etc.). All three switches in the “Settings / Services management” section are turned on.

Can you give me some advice how to get this working?

My NAS provides CIFS and NFS exports and also offers a DLNA server. Which is it more efficient to point Volumio at?

I would suggest CIFS! :wink: