UPNP control point


I mounted a NAS on the volumio web GUI but it takes hours to update the library! And i have to update it each time i want to listen to some music…
So i tried to send music to volumio with an UPNP control point (kinsky from Linn). But, unfortunately, only the first song of the control point playlist actually plays. After the first one, the volumio stays dead silent…

Do you know a way to fix it or do you know a control point program that works well with volumio?

The UPNP server is twonky.


Normally you only must update your library one time (If you add music you must update it again).
Can you see your folders and your music after a restart? Did you wait with the restart until the update is finished?

I use BubbleUPnP on Android, works fine (also the free version)

Thanks Joda for your answer!

Well, i probably do something wrong because each time i plug the RPI and turn on the PC to access the web GUI, there is a red cross on the NAS mounts, i have to edit the mount and save it once again and then the library begins to update… from zero…

I’ll try bubbleUPNP, thanks