Upgrading to Volumio 2.042 - Crash!

I just tried an OTA upgrade from 2.039 to 2.042. After the restart my Pi3 is completely off line. Doesn’t answer to pings. Guess I need to refresh. Beware.

Same here. Kernel Panic a few seconds after Booting.

Use the system updater to test Beta-Releases
Volumio can be updated to Beta Releases via OTA Updater. Beta-releases are test builds of the system with undisclosed functionalities
Beta releases are meant to test new functionalities before deploying an update to the entire Volumio userbase
Beta releases might not work, or present bugs still to be solved. They are therefore meant for expert users willing to take the risk to loose all their data
To receive beta-releases, the system has to be put in “TEST MODE”. To do so, navigate to yourvolumioip/dev
Once in the /dev page, click on “TRUE” on “TEST MODE” Section. Your device is now in TEST MODE, and will receive test updates from now on
Follow the above instructions to update your system normally, the only difference is that you’ll see the test releases in spite of ordinary releases

volumio.github.io/docs/User_Man … dates.html

Thanks for the reply and your hard work! Well aware of the Beta-release risk but worth to post a heads-up when the update is non-functional. Will refresh latest stable (2.041) and start over. No big deal!

Yeah I know that everybody likes adventure! Just wanted to make sure everybody knew the risk… :wink:

A bit of behind the scenes: 2.042 was a tentative (went wrong) to implement native DSD with latest mpd version (0.20). Stay tuned…