upgrade (or sidegrade) from TP2024 based amp

Hi. I’ve been using first RaspiFy, then Volumio on a RPi to great satisfaction, feeding into a Musical Fidelity V-DAC (first generation) to a Trends Audio TA-10.2 SE amp driving (don’t laugh) a pair of large 4 Ohm 90 dB/W/m floorstanders with all of the 10W it can muster at that load. :wink: Well not literally all of them, I never ever play at high volumes and nowhere near clipping.

Does anyone have any insights as to how does the older TA2024 compare to the newer TPA3116 and such? I was thinking of adding in a second amp and pre-amp to move to a bi-amp setup, in an attempt to maintain what I like (the clear mids and pleasing highs) and improve on what I find is lacking a bit (low end could be a bit more, well, low).

Enjoy the read…

audiokarma.org/forums/showth … p?t=574806

Long story short, TPA 3116 seems to have a cult following in many forums.