Upgrade from RPi for improved interpolator stability


I’m using the latest generation of Raspberry-Pi with Volumio and a HifiBerry-Digi which drives a Marantz DAC.

The DAC is limited to 44kHz, so I’m using the interpolator modes to listen to higher sample rate files.

I’m experiencing unstable playback with the higher quality interpolator modes.

Can anyone suggest an alternative to the Raspberry-Pi that can deliver stable performance with the highest quality interpolator mode enabled on Volumio?

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Odroid C1+ has a much faster CPU. Also, the network and USB bus are separate, which can help with network bandwith. Best part of it all is that it is the same price as a rpi. Check www.hardkernel.com

This has to be the most belated thank you ever!

But, thank you none the less!

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