Updating Volumio SD card without losing own files

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As a linux newbie I spent an hour to figure out how to copy some music to Volumio’s SD Card (128 GB) to make my “micro Hi-Fi” system (RPi, DAC+Amp, Headphones) lighter and nicer.

Now that I have managed to copy the music files to /var/lib/mpd/music/SDCard/ everything seems to work just great! Now my question is: What would be the options to migrate to the next Volumio update (e.g. 1.3) without losing the files I copied?

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Well, I guess my concern turned into a real problem today. While playing, volumio suddenly lost connection. I was not able to load volumio from that SD card (128GB, one share used for mp3 storage) again. It runs from another card, which suggests that the card is corrupt. Correct me if you disagree with this conclusion.

Now, the issue is that I do not want to re-image the card and copy the music again (it takes hours). Do you have any ideas how I can restore a working version of volumio without losing the mp3 files on the SD card? Any hints are welcome. Thanks!


Unfortunately I have had (another) corrupted SD card with volumio. This will probably prevent me from using it again, since reinstalling the image to the SD, reformatting it (to store music on the remaining 127GB) and copying the music is too much of a hassle and happens way too often.
I am kind of disappointed considering the effort I have invested into making the system run.

Thanks anyhow for the effort in making the system. From what I gather, some of the users seem to not have this problem.

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What power supply have you been using? I’ve heard a not so good supply can corrupt sd cards.

Keep going Dee, consider your efforts as knowledge building. I know it’s hard to see the positives when we have a spent a frustrating period of time on something that in theory is straightforward.

I have too been through the pain barrier with SD Cards. When I started with the RPi I spent a lot of time formatting SD cards and fiddling with them to maximise the storage partition. Then I found out that an update had been released and I had to start all over :blush:

The approach I have developed over time is described below. The Linux & RPi world is super fast paced. Improvements arrive on a daily basis :unamused:

  • I think of the SD Card as a consumable item (and I keep a healthy store of them)
  • I use mainly 2 GB / 4 GB / 8 GB cards for cost reasons. If the image fits on a 2GB I use a 2 GB
  • If an new version comes along I just write the new Image to the SD and I am away.
  • I store the master of my music on a nice big NAS drive and back it up off site on a fairly regular basis
  • Now I would copy the music to some USB storage for a USB mount on Volumio for example. If I didn’t have a NAS drive I would do this.
  • Also Volumio supports a NAS mount so I generally do that.

I know this doesn’t help you in your current predicament but keep going and find the method that works best for you. :wink:

Dear NWTStuff,

thanks for your response. As much as I hoped to receive some useful adivce on resolving the problem I have described, I thank you for your insights.

Let me first briefly explain what I have learned after a few months and then try to show you, why I would rather stay with my current setup.
Meanwhile I was luckily able to solve the problem (supposedly corrupted SD) with no major effort. For this, I simply inserted the SD card in my livelinux machine, unmounted it, inserted it in my RPi and it worked. Shutting down volumio resulted in the same problem again, so I had to repeat the insert-remove procedure and it worked again. I will try shutting down RPi via shell and see if the problem occurs.

Now, here is why I would like to stick to my setup. I used to have a (lame) router with a USB port that could serve as a remote share. I now have a better router, but I would not like to be sending large flac files over to the RPi.
I started with my storage on an old 3,5" hdd and moved to a 2,5" SSD. Not a bad solution, except I needed a USB hub (the two ports connect the Rpi to a micro WiFi donge and a USB DAC). I then thought of putting the music on the SD, which worked great with volumio 1.2b and (as far as I recall) 1.3b. The advantage is that I now no longer need the hub either and my whole system is more puristic, which I aspire.

To get a better idea of my system, I have just taken a picture of it:

It comprises the Rpi, powered by a 5.1v 2.5A power supply, a 128GB SD card and a micro wifi dongle. Above it is the USB DAC, a Musical Fidelity V90-HPA, which also features a fairly powerful head amp. I say fairly powerful, as it claims about 0.25wpc power into 32Ohms and ouput Impedance of 50Ohms. Yet, from time to time the AKG K701 (62 Ohm, max 200mA) could surely take some more loudness.