Updating To Volumio 3 Has Caused no end of trouble

Try the Raspberry PI writer instead of Belana.

Seen this issue on x86 platforms using balenaEtcher as well.
After switching to Rufus, issues were gone.
In case you see only one partition, then the flash target was a partition, not the device.
In linux terms, /dev/sdx1 was flashed, not /dev/sdx

I can confirm this or even reprosuce.
Seems balenaEtcher has some issues with uSD that are put in a SD adapter. A lot of write actions report fail. If I stick the uSD in a USB-C adapter, all goes well.
Raspberry Pi Imager or Win32DiskImager takes longer but less errors.

Yes, I can confirm that using Pi Etcher works. Balena Etcher does not. I now am able to use Volumio 3. Thanks for all of your help everyone.