Updated to premium account

Just upgraded to premium. when trying to enable the premium features i get:

To use this functionality, please enable MyVolumio on this device from your device list.


If you go to your devices list (click on your Username from Settings Menu) do you see your device there?
Can you post a screenshot of this screen?

I had to reboot the system.

device shows up with a crap name

Can i rename it?
Also when I highlight the device music stops playing.

when I try and go back to sportify nothing plays out

also raspberry Pi touchscreen goes blank

to fix this I have to go to setting and change volume options to none. or visa versa.

This means that your Audio Card is seen as an input (it reports audio capabilities), so don’t click it.

(knowing that, we will blacklist from next release).

If you see this icon, it means that your premium account is successfully enabled.