Update to version 2.907 causes loss of USB HD connection and soundcard problems

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 2.907
Hardware: Pi 4
DAC: IQAudio DAC plus

After updating my working Volumio to the latest version (2.907) I have problems with:

  • Audio: doesn’t even play Web Radio or Radio Paradise: no sound!
  • USB HDD: The Harddisk that has been connected for more than a year is suddenly not recognized anymore

My actions:

  • I checked all settings, like the IQAudio DAC (correctly setup)
  • While deinstalling all Plug-ins: the installed plugin “Youtube Cast receiver” does not uninstall and when switching off it still remains active (green light Active)
  • Therefore went to factory settings:
  • Installed Radio Paradise Plug-in again
  • Volume control and Radio Paradise function again
  • Connection to USB HDD seemed to work, but needed to let an update of my music run

So in my case the update to 2.907 needed a cold install, starting from factorysettings!