Update on Version 2.344 failed (19-Dec-2017)


yesterday I’ve sucessfully updated Volumio my RPI3 + Kali + Piano2.1 system from the previous to the newest version (v2.344).

Today I tried the same for the combination RPI3 + Boss + Volt, but unfortunately after reboot I only got the message

switch_root: can’t execute ‘/sbin/init’ : Input/output error

I’m not sure, but I guess there’s nothing wrong at my side here, but also I do not know what this could mean. And that’s why I post this issue here.

So if anyone has an idea I would be pleased to hear about it.

Thx in advance and best regards


Seems your SD Card got corrupted.
Suggest you to reflash…

Thx, that’s what I did respectivelly what I’m still doing (teh music database takes quite a while :-/ )